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Getting your social media right will open up a new world of business.

On the Internet, your website is your business. It's where your customers expect to find all relevant information related to your company, products and services. Getting involved with followers, and linked people that are interested in your business will benefit the marketing of your business.

What's the point I'm only small?

Using Social Media sites is offering the chance for small, specialist companies to make a name out there and more importantly it's a chance to stand out from and compete with your competition whether big or small. Blue Monkey believe that everyone can benefit from social media to improve their business links, business name and open up a wider audience than advertising locally. So, don’t let lack of your time or staff time or lack of knowledge stop your company's social media activities. It's here to stay and whether you are signed up and listening to what everyone is saying or not - your customers are talking anyway. Therefore, it's something you need to get connected into.

However, Social media can often be a confusing range of opportunities, can't it?

So, Sit back and relax because we will manage your social media for you - allowing you  to manage your business.



Account Set up

Accounts in your business need to be set up. This includes adding profile information, business detail in full. 

The creation of a page design along with business logo and colours

Set up fee £100

Where should you be posting?

It really all depends on the type of busines you have.

Facebook is great for social interaction. Users like images, videos, offers, new productsoffers, discounts, freebies and competitions. Think about it, does your company sell something personal or something business to business? Are users on Facebook going to be interested in a debt collection agency? No! But they will be interested in a new range of T-shirts, the lastest offer on Easter Eggs or maybe a reduction on a beauty service like spa or hair. So we have to be honest with ourselves to understand where your socialising is going to work best. You can still have a page but to be fair, it's never going to get as many likes as the page with "the cats doing silly things" videos, is it?

Business to business will be better utilised with Twitter where the postings are very short and you can interact with other business people like Alan Sugar, Richard Branson if that is what you want to do.

If you are wanting to network socially LinkedIn is the place to be for like-minded businesses. It's all about joining and link up together.

YouTube may be useful to you as well, as long as you can supply a range of 'How to' videos, e.g. How to: change a tyre, replace a lightbulb, clean your washing machne filter, put make-up on, cook something, or even how to put up a tent - the list is endless as long as you have the staff/actors that are willing to participate. Short videos work best.

One new media outlet at the moment is Pinterest. But before you get excited what is it going to do for your business? Pinterest allows you to 'pin' a photograph YOU like from any website that you visit. It's sharing your personal interests in the form of photographs. If it's not going to help your business then don't worry about having an account. Not all social sites are made for businesses and you don't have to have them all!

Basically what we are saying is take a look at what you want to promote and to what audience:


So if you've got something to say, something to promote, a debate to raise - give it to us to start the ball rolling that will get your brand or company talked about.


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