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Your customers are already an interested party. They are waiting to hear from you.

A newsletter should be a part of your overall internet marketing strategy. It doesn't have to be what promotion you can do this week because you can talk about all aspects of your business:

  • mailmanNew updates available for certain products,
  • New product information,
  • A new range coming out,
  • An advertisement about a certain product,
  • Staff information,
  • ...the list goes on. 

You can even generate a question and answer section to get some interaction.

This type of newsletter or website blog will help you to reveal the personality of the company and put a face to a name, as well as establishing you as a trusted expert in your business sector. In fact, your customers want read or see something different each time they visit the website and perhaps the easiest way to generate fresh, relevant and unique content is to write a newsletter to activate their interest in the first place.

Information should be on your website FIRST.

And then introduced to all those interested parties through a newsletter. Your newsletter subscribers need to feel wanted and special. It's no good if you either don't tell them or you leave them till last. It's important that they know first.

On your website you can keep a blog which will keep customers and new visitors informed. Blogging is not writing. Like any marketing activity, blog writing needs to be carefully targeted to reach the right audience. Blogs ideally engage with your customer base, but without offending or alienating. A good blog can go global, but a bad one can damage your business.

Our Blog/Newsletter service will include:

  • Set up of a newsletter account using MailChimp.
  • Design and development of a newsflash / latest news or blog page on your website.
  • Writing your blogs on a regular basis.

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